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Abernethy Pearl


The Abernethy Pearl aka 'Little Willie' is known to be one of the most perfect, spherical, natural Freshwater Pearls in the world.

The Abernethy Pearl was discovered in Scotland's River Tay, home to the freshwater mussel Margaritifera Margaritifera, in 1967. The pearl was discovered by professional pearl diver William Abernethy, for whom the pearl is named. The exquisite pearl was shortly thereafter nicknamed in honor of it's discoverer. It has since become also widely known as 'Little Willie.'

Scotland has been famous for it's high quality Freshwater Pearls since ancient times. Historians believe it is because of this reason that Roman Emperor Julius Caesar invaded Britain. He had hopes of controlling the trade of Scotland's Freshwater Pearls.

The Abernethy Pearl is an exceptional Freshwater Pearl. It is one of the most spherical pearls ever discovered, a very rare occurrence in natural Freshwater Pearls. The pearl is of medium size, weighing 11 carats or 44 grains. Though the actual diameter of the pearl is unknown, it is said to be comparable to that of a marble.

This special pearl is not only exquisite in size and shape but also luster, color and surface quality. Little Willie's striking luster is almost equivalent to that of an Akoya Pearl. It's color is a pink-ish white, having a white body color with slightly pink overtones. It's surface is of blemish free skin.

The Abernethy Pearl is currently on public display at Cairncross Jewelry Store in Perth, Scotland.