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Anne Boleyn’s Pearl Necklace


As seen in many portraits, Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England from the 16th Century, owned a long rope pearl necklace.

Anne Boleyn's Pearl Necklace consisted of many white pearls and a gold 'B' with three similar teardrop pearls hanging from the bottom.

From the various portraits of Anne Boleyn, the pearls all seem to be a spherical shape and ordinary size, although it is not certain. They all seem to be identical; however, this could just be the way that the artist painted them. The pearls of this necklace are believed to be saltwater from the Persian Gulf or the Red Sea.

Being very popular as Queen, Anne Boleyn was surprisingly well-known for her fashion sense and always wearing an extreme amount of pearls. Along with this famous necklace, she also wore elaborate, embroidered pearl dresses and pearl headdresses.