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Lochbuie Brooch


The Lochbuie Brooch dates back to the Renaissance Period.

The Lochbuie Brooch is made of silver gilt, set with crystals and pearls. The pearls are Scottish Freshwater, placed at the top of ten small silver towers, all of which surround the crystal centerpiece. The brooch was used to secure a cloth around the shoulder or chest of a man during the Renaissance.

The heritage of the pearl brooch dates back to the Estate of Lochbuie in Mull, Scotland, created by a tinker on the estate. It was eventually passed onto Anne Campbell, Lady of Murdock McLean and then, finally, to Isabella McLean. These names and origin of the brooch are inscribed on the back of the piece. A written tale of the piece's past is included.

The British Museum in London currently houses the pearl brooch; however, it is not on public display.