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Survival Pearl


The Survival Pearl is one of the rarest, most well-known pearls in the world.

The Survival Pearl is an irregular shape pearl, weighing approximately 90 carats. Found in the Tennessee River, it is one of the rarest pearls in the world, a characteristic attributed to its snail-like shape. The pearl's distinct snail-like shape is due to its formation around an actual snail parasite inside its parent mussel.

The pearl was named 'Survival' because it is believed to have grown inside the mussel for 50 to 70 years.

The Survival Pearl is a Freshwater Pearl with a lavender-pink and bronze color and baroque in shape. The unique color, size and shape of the pearl are what make the pearl so valuable and well known.

The Survival Pearl is owned by the American Pearl Company of Camden, Tennessee and was most recently on display as part of 'The Allure of Pearls' exhibit at the Smithsonian in 2005.