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Southern Cross Pearl


The Southern Cross Pearl was found in the South Sea in Western Australia in late 19th Century.

The Southern Cross Pearl is a pearl cluster in the shape of a Latin cross found in the oyster species Pinctada Maxima. This specific pearl cluster is believed to have formed naturally within the oyster; though, there are skeptics.

This pearl 'cross' consists of nine natural pearls grown in the formation of an almost perfect Latin cross — without any human interference. The top and bottom pearls are almost identical in size; however, the Southern Cross Pearl is classified as baroque due to the barrel shape of majority of the pearls.

While there are several different accounts of the pearl cluster's discovery, it is believed that the cluster was discovered by Clark circa 1874 or 1883. Some believe the cluster was found as three separate pieces, others believe it was found as is.

The Southern Cross Pearl was last known to be in London under the ownership of a local merchant.