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Kellie Pearl


The Kellie Pearl is the largest Freshwater Pearl discovered in the United Kingdom and today, still holds that record.

The Kellie Pearl was discovered in the Ythan River in 1621. King James VI mounted the pearl in the Scottish crown, also decorated with rubies, diamonds, amethysts and additional pearls. The crown has been worn twice — for the coronations of Charles I and Charles II of England — since the Kellie Pearl was added to the piece. The crown was then locked away in Edinburgh Castle, along with other pieces from the Scottish Crown Jewels, for many years.

Little is known regarding the characteristics of the Kellie Pearl; however, many assumptions have been made. Though Freshwater Pearls are most commonly baroque shape and rarely spherical, the Kellie Pearl is believed to be near round. This assumption follows the logic that because the pearls already on the Scottish Royal Crown were this shape, the Kellie Pearl must be as well in order to match.