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Brand Policies


As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Frank Mastoloni & Sons ("Mastoloni") ensures that we maintain human rights and environmental compliance in the manufacturing of our products.

In 2010, Congress approved the Conflict Minerals Policy under Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Production Act. This policy requires publicly traded companies to disclose to the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] the inclusion of conflict minerals sourced from or contributing to the conflict in the Democratic Republic of The Congo [DRC].

Conflicts minerals include the 3TGs: Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold.

As a privately held company, Mastoloni is not subject to disclosure requirements under the Dodd-Frank Act; however, as part of our commitment to maintain human rights and environmental compliance, Mastoloni ensures our products do not contain conflict minerals that contribute to the financing of, or benefit in any manner, armed groups in the DRC region.

Mastoloni is committed to responsible sourcing of materials for our products and expect our manufacturers to do the same.

Mastoloni requires the following of our suppliers:
• To source materials from socially responsible suppliers.
• To supply products that do not contain minerals sourced directly, or indirectly, to finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC.
• To determine if hardware, trims or other components contain Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten or Gold.
• To undertake due diligence within our supply chain to determine the origin of Conflict Mineral(s).

Mastoloni surveys direct suppliers to ensure that our products are "conflict free" and expect suppliers to respond in a timely manner and with full disclosure.



Mastoloni maintains separate return procedures for consumer merchandise and retailer merchandise. The specifics of each are outlined below.


Mastoloni is a wholesale only jewelry company and does not sell directly to consumers; as such, Mastoloni cannot accept returns of Mastoloni merchandise directly from consumers. Returns must be made to the authorized Mastoloni retailer from which you purchased your Mastoloni pearl strand or pearl jewelry. It is dependent upon the retailer and the retailer’s return policy as to whether your Mastoloni merchandise is eligible for return.

Retailer Returns

Mastoloni accepts wholesale merchandise returns from retailers up to 30 days from the date the merchandise was received. No return authorization required. Wholesale merchandise that does not fall within the 30 day period is not eligible for return unless accompanied by a Return Authorization Number. Retailers must contact their Mastoloni sales representative to request a Return Authorization Number.


Mastoloni offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty for defective merchandise. Mastoloni cannot accept or replace defective merchandise directly from consumers. Replacement/repair of defective merchandise must be facilitated through the authorized Mastoloni retailer from which you purchased your Mastoloni pearl strand or pearl jewelry. Retailer proof of purchase required. Upon receipt of the merchandise, facilitated through the proper retail channel, it is up to the discretion of Mastoloni to determine whether or not the merchandise is eligible for replacement/repair under the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Normal wear and tear or defects caused by the consumer such as improper storage or cleaning of the merchandise does not fall under the manufacturer’s warranty and replacement/repair of the merchandise is subject to charge.

Consumer Repairs and Restringing – Not Under Warranty

Mastoloni cannot accept merchandise for repair or restringing directly from consumers. The authorized Mastoloni retailer from which the merchandise was purchased must facilitate the repair or restringing on your behalf. The cost associated with the repair or restringing is up to the discretion and policies of the retailer.

Retailer Repairs and Restringing – Not Under Warranty

Repairs and restringing not covered under the one-year manufacturer’s warranty are subject to charge. Repairs and restringing require proof of purchase; Mastoloni does not restring pearl strands that are not Mastoloni pearls. Mastoloni does not restring imitation pearls. Mastoloni will determine, upon receipt of the merchandise, the cost associated with the repair or restringing. Costs associated with repair and restringing are provided for approval prior to the work.