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Drexel Pearl


In 1905, Cartier designed the brooch in which the Drexel Pearl is currently set.

The Drexel Pearl is a perfectly symmetrical natural drop-shape black pearl from the Polynesian Region, weighing 33.80 carats. Though the pearl is considered black, its color is more of a grey hue. The Drexel Pearl is much smaller in size than most other famous pearls; however, it is of importance because of its extremely rare characteristics of a natural pearl.

Named after its owner, Mary Stretch Irick Drexel, a philanthropist and known collector of jewels, the pearl currently sits in a brooch designed by Cartier in 1905. The piece is known as the Belle Epoque Pendant Brooch.

The Drexel Pearl was last on public display as part of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History 'Allure of Pearls' exhibit.