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Golash Quahog Pearl Brooch


An accidental purchase brings an ordinary man to riches.

In 2000, Alan Golash paid $14 for a gold pendant he came across accidentally in a Rhode Island Antique Store. Golash returned to his workshop with plans of restoring the pendant. Much to his surprise, Golash quickly discovered this was no ordinary pendant. What he originally thought was almost worthless, in fact was actually 18kt gold and two Quahog Pearls — one of which was much larger than normal.

The Golash Quahog Pearl Brooch contains a rare, deep lilac color pearl that measures 14 millimeters in diameter, weighing 13.5 carats. The pearl is button-shape and blemish free, believed to date back to the mid-Victorian Period in 1860 to 1865.

The center pearl, referred to as 'The Pearl of Venus,' is decoratively trimmed in 18kt gold, white enamel and black. The bottom of the brooch is almost identical to the top, containing a smaller lilac pearl.

In 2005, the Golash Quahog Pearl Brooch was displayed publicly for the first time as part of the American Museum of Natural History's 'Pearl: A Natural History' exhibit. It is said that the pearl brooch's value ranges between $250,000 and $1 million because of its rare size.