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Pearl Carpet of Baroda


The Pearl Carpet of Baroda was commissioned by the Maharaja of Baroda, Gaekwar Khande Rao, in 1865.

The Pearl Carpet of Baroda is comprised of more than 1.5 million pearls, as well as diamonds, sapphires and rubies, measuring 8 feet 8 inches in length by 5 feet 8 inches wide. The carpet is made of silk, deer hide and gold.

The pearls are known as 'Barsa Pearls,' natural seed pearls harvest in the southern Gulf region. The design of the carpet, intertwining flowers and vines, comes from the Mughal Period of India.

Since the carpet's creation, it has traveled to many places under many owners. The pearl carpet has resurfaced several times throughout the years for public viewing in New York City but remains in India. In March 2009, the Pearl Carpet of Baroda was sold at a Sotheby's auction in Doha for $5.5 million — the highest recorded price for a carpet sold at auction.