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Crown Jewels of England


The Crown Jewels of England date back to the 12th Century; though, most pieces from that time were destroyed and then recreated during the Restoration.

The Crown Jewels of England is comprised of several pieces of jewelry, the most famous of which is the Imperial State Crown. The crown consists of nearly 3,000 gems — most of which were in the original Imperial State Crown from 17th Century. Of these 3,000 gems are 277 pearls. The pearls suspended from the arches of the Imperial State Crown were once worn as earrings by Elizabeth I.

A second crown of note in the collection is St. Edward's Crown, created in 1661. The crown is gold, decorated with countless priceless gems and jewels, among which are beautiful pearls. The crown was last worn at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1853.

The Orb is a third notable piece in the collection. The Orb is a golden globe symbolizing the world ruled by Christianity that is used during coronation ceremonies. Made of gold and lined with pearls, the Orb features a jeweled cross ornamented with pearls as well.