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Peacock Throne


The Peacock Throne was built in the shape of a peacock with pearls, as well as other gems, arranged to imitate the colors of a peacock's feathers.

The Peacock Throne was designed by Austin de Bordeaux — designer of the Taj Mahal — for the Moguls during the 17th century.

Many pearls adorn the Peacock Throne's arches and pillars, most of which are valuable; though, one particular pearl was extremely extravagant. This pearl is pear-shape, with a yellow color, weighing approximately 50 carats. The pearl hands from a great ruby on the peacock's breast, as stated by Tavernier in 1676. Columns supporting the throne's canopy are also covered in rows of 6-10 carat pearls, making the throne an extravagant one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

With all of the Peacock Throne's gems in place, the piece would be worth $50,187,500; however, due to the transportation of the throne many times since its creation, as it stands now, the throne is valued only at $13,000,000. The Peacock Throne is currently in Tehran in the Shah's palace.